Machine Perception and Intelligence Lab

Welcome to MPIL! MPIL is located at S1-215, School of Mechanical Engineering, GIST, Gwangju, South Korea.

Our research and education mainly focus on 3D computer vision with a particular focus on geometric aspects. Our goal is to give the capability to a computer system (e.g., robots, autonomous vehicles, and drones) for understanding and interpreting data in a manner that is similar to the way humans use their senses to relate to the world around them. To achieve this goal, we focus on the processing and analysis of various sensory data such as image, video, point cloud, acceleration, etc. Our primary research lines are the following:

  1. 3D Computer Vision for Spatial Computing
  2. Urban Scene Understanding
  3. Visual-Inertial Odometry with Sensor Fusion
  4. Deep Learning for Visual Navigation

I am always looking for passionate and self-motivated students to join my group. Please reach out to me via email if you are interested in. For more details, please refer to the following:


2024-02 민지, 세준 joined MPIL :)
2024-01 Our NASA Astrobee ISS Datasets got accepted to IEEE RA-L.
2023-10 중일 joined MPIL :)
2023-09 MPIL moved to Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)!
2023-08 Our SLAM with Sparse Sensing got accepted to IEEE RA-L.